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Helping Lawyers With ADHD Find Focus

It's no secret that ADHD impacts one's ability to focus. When lawyers have ADHD, disorganization, procrastination, and time blindness are three of the most common challenges that show up at work.

Krista Larson (Director of Well-Being at Stinson LLP) and I were recently published in Law360 discussing the impact of ADHD on one's legal career. Our article, titled Finding Focus: Strategies for Attorneys With ADHD, explores the difficulties lawyers with ADHD often face in the workplace, including:

  • struggling to log hours

  • inability to keep billing up to date

  • not responding to emails in a timely manner

  • getting distracted during document review

We also highlight some valuable reasons why people with ADHD might be drawn to the legal field.

Most importantly, this article offers helpful strategies to manage ADHD symptoms, offering tips to help you create a plan for self-care, reduce your cognitive load, and avoid distractions. We also talk in detail about critical steps we believe the legal profession can take to support lawyers with ADHD.

If you're a lawyer with ADHD, or if you work in HR, DEI, or other support roles for lawyers with ADHD, I highly recommend checking out the full article here on Law360. And if you're interested in ADHD support for yourself or someone at your law firm, click here to check out our coaching programs for lawyers with ADHD.

Click here to read the full article on Law360.


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