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The Magic of a Law Firm and DLC Partnership for Lawyers with ADHD

Dixon Life Coaching’s programs focus on high achievers with ADHD, with one of our specialty areas being lawyers with ADHD, and there’s a very good reason for that... because there are a high number of people with ADHD who work in the legal field (click here to read my thoughts on why that is).

According to the landmark ABA study published in 2016, there are almost three times more attorneys with ADHD than adults with ADHD in the general population (you can read our article about the study here). Given this data, it’s safe to assume that there are a number of lawyers with ADHD working in both small and large law firms around the country.

It’s true that the legal field as a whole is taking steps to de-stigmatize ADHD and other neuro-diversities in the industry. This is evidenced by the 2016 ABA study, as well as the development of roles such as Director of Wellness and Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in law firms. But are these initiatives enough when ADHD is so prevalent in law? Frankly, I don’t think so and believe we can do more.

Stinson LLP is taking their commitment to inclusion one step further by partnering with Dixon Life Coaching to “situate neurodivergence into the firm’s broader initiatives for attorney well-being.”

What does this mean exactly? It means that Stinson LLP is leading the charge to “do more” for ADHD and other Executive Functioning challenges in legal settings.

Check out a recent interview Krista Larson, Director of Well-Being at Stinson and I did with Minnesota Lawyer about the partnership between Dixon Life Coaching and Stinson.

If you’re wondering what this kind of partnership can look like with your firm, we have a number of live and on-demand coaching programs for lawyers with ADHD. Each of our programs can be brought in-house or used as adjunct resources to support other firm initiatives. These resources include:

  • The Focused Lawyer Group Coaching

  • Live Well ADHD Training

  • Continuing Legal Education

  • ADHD in the Law Webinars or Group Meetings

  • One-to-One Coaching

  • Law Firm Consultation

Please check out our Law Firm Support page to read more about these programs or to schedule a call with me to learn more!

If you’re responsible for professional development, diversity, or well-being in a large law firm, you don’t have to support lawyers with ADHD alone. We’re experts in that area and are here to help you, your firm, and all your lawyers who struggle with their ADHD.


Are you a high achiever who happens to have ADHD?

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Live Well ADHD is a hybrid course that will teach you how to live well with ADHD, combining a live group workshop to accelerate your learning, online coursework, your personal workbook, and weekly accountability calls.

Develop skills and habits to optimize your brain function, maximize your talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.

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