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"I started adding these practices to my day, randomly, whenever they fit in. And I began to see how fast and furiously my brain switched from one task or thought to the next."

I have long held the view (and research shows) that mindfulness is a powerful tool for reducing ADHD symptoms. In fact, I created this whole membership called MindfullyADD where you can access tips and tools to develop a mindfulness practice to elevate your well-being.

And I’ve seen it work. Have heard from clients who implement the 1-minute practices and have had dramatic results!

So I wanted to share this article on Vox from Tasha Eichenseher and her experience in using MindfullyADD and other mindfulness strategies to manage her out-of-control focus and procrastination. It’s a fantastic journey – from diagnosis to exploring treatment options to giving mindfulness a chance – that may help you take the step yourself!


Are you a high achiever who happens to have ADHD?

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Live Well ADHD is a hybrid course that will teach you how to live well with ADHD, combining a live group workshop to accelerate your learning, online coursework, your personal workbook, and weekly accountability calls.

Develop skills and habits to optimize your brain function, maximize your talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.

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