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Brains Work Differently in the Legal Field

It's happening. People are talking finally about it...being a lawyer with ADHD and the struggles and support needed. And it's fantastic.

Why is it so important to open this dialogue? Because the law is extremely attractive to people with ADHD. It's a high-energy roller coaster ride of excitement, intelligence, and hyperfocus where people with ADHD can use their unique strengths to change lives. But it also requires focus, time management, organization and client interaction which can be a serious challenge for someone with executive function issues. So many lawyers don't seek help for, or even recognize, their ADHD. This is why it's so important that I was recently interviewed along with Krista Larson, director of well-being at Stinson, about a new initiative to provide tools to help lawyers function effectively. We focused on:

  • the importance of getting diagnosed and how you can do that

  • certain challenges specific to attorneys and professionals in the legal field and how to manage them

  • why well-meaning HR programs meant to address mental health challenges also need to include ADHD along with depression, substance abuse and anxiety

With the increased attention given to neurodiversity in law, we hope that firms will develop and implement more proactive solutions to help people get the help that they may need sooner than later and avoid unnecessary struggles. You can read about it all here in the Minnesota Lawyer.


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