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ADHD Support for Law Firms

Dixon Life Coaching is the premiere coaching firm for lawyers with ADHD.


Based on leading-edge research, our high-impact coaching and training programs are designed to empower attorneys to identify and leverage their unique strengths, build simple and practical tools to gain control over their ADHD symptoms, increase productivity, embrace new possibilities, avoid risk, and create lasting and sustainable change in their lives.

Law Firm Services

Dixon Life Coaching has worked with lawyers from all corners of the legal field — from solo practices to some of the top 25 AmLaw 100 firms. Since 2017, we have worked with over 160 lawyers from more than 140 different law firms through our one-to-one coaching and The Focused Lawyer group coaching program.

Discover how Dixon Life Coaching can help lawyers & legal professionals with ADHD

Learn about Dixon Life Coaching's unique approach to supporting lawyers with ADHD.

Gain a deeper understanding of how our high-impact coaching programs can be customized for in-house workshops and trainings.

Share your needs and let us know how we can assist you in creating an environment that fosters success and growth.

Let's talk.

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