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A New Strategy for Lawyers with ADHD

Have you ever wondered about ADHD in the legal field?

I've talked a lot about the astonishing results of a 2016 ABA study, which indicate that up to 12.5% of lawyers in the US report ADHD or ADHD-like symptoms (click here to read my blog about these results and why they shouldn't be ignored). Even without the support provided by this study, it is evident that ADHD is an issue in the legal field. It is even more evident that the stigma attached to that diagnosis is just one barrier that prohibits lawyers from getting the support they need to effectively manage their ADHD symptoms and learn how to thrive. That's why I wrote an article, published in The Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine, confronting this stigma and offering valuable strategies to help lawyers with ADHD.

Improving the Well-Being of Lawyers with ADHD explores the ins and outs of ADHD in the legal field, and provides useful tactics that lawyers can implement immediately to get a handle on ADHD symptoms. It explains what ADHD is and how it affects the brain, discusses the importance of obtaining a diagnosis from a medical professional, and examines the role of medication in ADHD management. It also presents a short case study of a lawyer I coached who went from burned out and overwhelmed to happy and fulfilled at work by implementing the strategies in the article.

The tactics discussed in the article, which cover things like focus on your strengths and interests, optimize self-care, and reduce your cognitive load, are designed to be a comprehensive approach to managing ADHD. They can serve as an action plan for an individual to use by him or herself, and can also be a good starting point for ADHD coaching.

To read the full article from The Pennsylvania Lawyer Magazine, click here.

If you're a lawyer with ADHD who is looking for additional support, I invite you to learn more about The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group, an online coaching group for lawyers with ADHD. You can also learn more about our individual coaching services for high achievers with ADHD.

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