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2 Extra ADHD Resources to Help You Be Productive During the Crisis

The COVID crisis of 2020 required all of us to flex our agility muscles and pivot our approach to work and life on a dime. To help the ADHD community grapple with this sudden change, I (and many of my coaching colleagues) jumped into action developing ADHD-specific tools and resources to get through this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime crisis.

One of my colleagues, Dave Greenwood of the well-known Overcoming Distractions podcast, invited me to be a guest on his podcast twice. Both times, I spoke about how professionals with ADHD can cope with common barriers to productivity that appeared when this new reality emerged. In each talk, I offer ADHD-specific tips and tools to use to increase focus, minimize distractions, and boost your ability to get work done during these unprecedented times. I'm sharing these with you here as extra resources you can turn to for more support and guidance.

How to Navigate Distractions and Create Structure During COVID-19

In this podcast from October 2020, I offer some helpful tips on how to avoid distractions and create structure for yourself in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. During the podcast, Dave and I also cover things like:

  • how to deal with a constant flow of distractions

  • why locking down your schedule has been a challenge for many

  • helpful strategies you can use to make sure you get your work and other responsibilities complete but still leave room for some distractions

  • why it can be important to hit the pause button for a short time and come up with new routines and schedules

And, I wrap it up with my top tips for navigating the fall and winter with ADHD and the coronavirus outbreak still upon us. To listen to the podcast, just click the button below.


Staying Focused and Productive When the World Is In Crisis

In my earlier podcast from March 2020, I talk about the (new at the time) work-from-home reality sparked by the coronavirus crisis and explore why many ADHD'ers are able to thrive in the midst of systemic chaos. During the podcast, Dave and I also cover things like:

  • creating a routine to follow to keep yourself on track

  • setting up a work-from-home environment that works for you

  • blocking distractions and managing your time in this new reality

  • identifying priorities when your work life and home life are competing for attention

  • keeping yourself motivation when you find yourself with nothing to do

Though this came out at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, many of the tips are still relevant and helpful in our current work reality. To listen to the podcast, just click the button below.

As life continues to evolve during the long haul of the COVID crisis, we coaches will continue to develop tools addressing whatever new challenges arise. We know this has been a hard time in general, and having ADHD has only made the difficulties more pronounced and more challenging. I, and my fellow coaches, are always here doing our best to support our ADHD community during this wild COVID ride.

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