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Live Well ADHD

A 6-Module Course for Adult Professionals with ADHD

Do you often envision what it might be like to get things done efficiently? Manage your time effectively? Have more energy for the important things in your life? Create systems that work for you and stick with them? Even, understand your ADHD a little better?


Welcome to Live Well ADHD, a 6-module online coaching course designed especially for you.

During this course, you will not only learn the ins and outs of having ADHD as an adult, you will also develop skills and habits to optimize brain function, maximize talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.

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"Live Well ADHD helped me be more compassionate towards myself and provided a great balance of education/information and interactive discussion. Casey is a wonderful facilitator with an engaging manner and a wealth of knowledge."

- Paula S., Healthcare Consultant

Live Well ADHD gives you weekly access to the information, support,

solutions, and accountability you are looking for!


Sign up for our waiting list to receive information about

the next launch of our course.

"Sharing among participants during the sessions was helpful – hearing what others are dealing with, some of their successes, and some of their struggles as well. Feedback from Casey was excellent: she is a great listener and has an extremely keen ability to recognize the progress and positive aspects of the trials and tribulations that we share." - Craig L., Professor of English

Module 1

Be ADHD Advanced 
Define ADHD for yourself, be up-to-date with empirically-based treatment options, share critical resources on ADHD.

Module  2

Fill Your Tank 
Optimize your cognitive energy and focus with healthy habits for eating, sleeping, exercising, and mindfulness. 

Module  3

Plan to Plan
Learn to write and review your task list and plot tasks into your busy life - take control of your time.

Module  4

Be Systematic 
Develop external systems and establish routines for automaticity.

Module  5

The ADHD Trifecta
Manufacture your own motivation using the ADHD Trifecta: High Interest, Looming Disaster, and Other People.

Module  6

Build a Stack of Tactics
Build a stack of effective tactics for each task or goal and avoid the trap of the single-solution mindset!

"Casey's models and their presentation were clear and illuminating. Casey is incredibly empathic and gifted at turning observation into insight, insight into action."

- Anonymous Live Well Participant

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