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Getting More Done and Increasing Well-Being While Practicing Law With ADHD

We have previously written about the landmark ABA study that revealed that 12.5% of lawyers have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, compared to only 4.5% of the general population (check out our article about the study here).

Recently, I sat down with the hosts of The Florida Bar's podcast, LegalFuel - Christine Bilbrey and Jamie Moore - and they asked a great question...

Why is the percentage of adults with ADHD so much higher for lawyers?

It's simple. People with ADHD are attracted to high-stimulation environments. They are stimulated by novelty and they love to create logical connections and craft arguments. Plus they can hyperfocus really well under moments of stress and have a tendency to rely on urgency to get things done. All things the legal profession provides!

It sounds like it would be a match made in heaven for high achievers with ADHD. But like most 'too good to be true' things, there is a catch.

Working in the legal field does offer the stimulation that ADHD brains crave, but it also can deliver a fair amount of added stress that can exacerbate ADHD symptoms like disorganization, procrastination, trouble focusing, and completing tasks on time.

This can have a profound effect on professional performance, personal relationships, and overall emotional well-being.

But before you turn in your briefcase and opt for a work environment that delivers less stress, there is hope if you're an attorney struggling to manage your ADHD symptoms.

In this podcast episode, I shared the effective strategies that attorneys (and any high achiever with ADHD) can use to regain focus and help with their executive functions.

Check out this episode HERE -- it has also been approved by The Florida Bar Continuing Legal Education Department for 1.0 hour of General CLE credit including 1.0 hour of Mental Health and Wellness CLE credit.

And if you're looking for extra support to help you navigate your ADHD while you practice law, we have some coaching programs for you! Check out our 3-month group coaching program, The Focused Lawyer, or our 6-month One-to-One Coaching program.

Are you a high achiever who happens to have ADHD?

Live Well ADHD

is what you need right now.

Live Well ADHD is a hybrid course that will teach you how to live well with ADHD, combining a live group workshop to accelerate your learning, online coursework, your personal workbook, and weekly accountability calls.

Develop skills and habits to optimize your brain function, maximize your talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.

Check out Live Well ADHD and enroll today!

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