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Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group

An Online Group for Professionals with ADHD

Life can feel out of control sometimes. When it feels like the world has been thrown into chaos or your to-do list is a mile long, it's harder to be productive and get sh!t done. Having ADHD doesn't help the situation, either. But during those times, you still have responsibilities and things that need to get done. 

But what if it didn't have to be so hard? What if you could find a community to help you learn how to manage your time effectively and create systems that work for you and stick with them? What if this group was designed specifically for your unique circumstances?


The Productivity Powerhouse is a 3-month online group coaching workshop for alumni of Live Well ADHD designed to help people with ADHD stay on track and get things done. People are facing more distractions, less helpful accountability, and significant changes in responsibility right now. This workgroup provides support, structure, routine, accountability, and connection to help you get things done, cross items off your to-do list, and start to feel less chaotic. Each 3-month session is held three times per year in the Spring (February-April), Summer (June-August), and Fall (October-December). 

In this group, you will build off of the knowledge and skills you learned in Live Well ADHD to expand your understanding of how having ADHD impacts your work, develop skills and habits to optimize brain function, maximize talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.


Plus, in this group setting, you will get to share with and learn from other professionals with ADHD, discuss your experiences with the group, and reap the benefits of having multiple minds in the virtual room.

Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group

Group Coaching Workshops | Virtual Co-Working Sessions | Private Online Community


Productivity Powerhouse is a 3-month workgroup designed in three parts:

Coaching Workshops 

Group coaching workshops will provide an opportunity to debrief, learn new skills, participate or observe "hot seat" coaching sessions, to share your weekly goals, and build accountability.

Virtual Co-Working Meetings

You will participate in 33 live group co-working meetings that take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the 3-month session. Let's get sh!t done together!

Online Virtual Community

Stay on track with our private online group designed specifically for members of the current Productivity Powerhouse session to facilitate ongoing communication, connection, accountability, and support during the 3-month session. You will have daily check-ins to keep you on track.​


When you join Productivity Powerhouse, you get access to all three parts – Weekly Coaching Workshops, Virtual Co-Working Meetings, and the Online Virtual Community – for the entire 3-month session.


Because Productivity Powerhouse is designed to help increase productivity, you must be able to commit to:

  • Joining live video meetings by Zoom for all 9 Coaching Workshops and 33 Co-Working Meetings

  • Participating in at least one hot seat coaching round

  • Facilitating at least one virtual co-working meeting (I will show you how.)

  • Engaging with other members in the online virtual community

  • Sharing your daily goals and progress made every morning and evening by replying to daily check-ins

  • Being willing to get sh!t done!

*Participation in Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group is limited to people who have already completed our 6-week online group coaching program, Live Well ADHD. To register for Live Well ADHD, click here.

Registration for the Spring 2021 Session of

Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group is now open!

The next session of Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from February 4 - April 21.

The group meets on the following dates for the Spring 2021 session:


Thursday 2/4: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT


Tuesday 2/9: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 2/10: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 2/11: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

Tuesday 2/16: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 2/17: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 2/18: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

Tuesday 2/23: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 2/24: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 2/25: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT


Tuesday 3/2: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 3/3: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 3/4: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT


Tuesday 3/9: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 3/10: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 3/11: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

Tuesday 3/16: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 3/17: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 3/18: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

Tuesday 3/23: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 3/24: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 3/25: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Tuesday 3/30: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 3/31: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT


Thursday 4/1: Coaching & Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Tuesday 4/6: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 4/7: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 4/8: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT


Tuesday 4/13: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 4/14: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Thursday 4/15: Coaching & Co-Working

12:00pm ET/9:00am PT

Tuesday 4/20: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

Wednesday 4/21: Co-Working

1:15pm ET/10:15am PT

*Thursday co-working meetings will be facilitated by Casey, except for Thursday 2/25 and Thursday 3/25. Tuesday/Wednesday co-working meetings will be facilitated by a group member following specific guidelines. We are staring co-working meetings at 15 minutes after the hour to help alleviate on-the-hour Internet congestion.

*Monday/Wednesday co-working meetings will be facilitated by a group member following specific guidelines. Friday co-working meetings will be facilitated by Casey. We are staring co-working meetings at 15 minutes after the hour to help alleviate on-the-hour Internet congestion.

What should you expect from Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group?

 Participation in 9 live virtual coaching workshops (via Zoom) or phone each 60-75 minutes in length

 Joining 33 live virtual co-working meetings

  Ongoing support for the duration of the 3-month session. You can sign up for as many 3-month sessions as you'd like to benefit from ongoing support

 Active participation in the group, which is limited to 10-12 members

 At least 1 10-minute "hot seat" coaching round opportunity

 Access to the group's virtual online community​ for ongoing structure, support, accountability, and connection throughout the 3 months

  Ample opportunity for problem-solving by the group

  Development of your own goals and specific action steps

 Access to The Focused Hour, a private one-on-one co-working community on FocusMate exclusively for Dixon Life Coaching clients

Sample Agenda for Weekly
Coaching Workshops
(The coaching workshop agenda will vary at Casey's discretion based on the needs and flow of the group.)

10 min.

Weekly Wins
You will share a win from this week to highlight a positive achievement with the group.

20 min.

Build Your Skills
Casey will present information, strategies, and tools on topics such as ADHD brain structure, brain optimization, decision-making skills, and externalization strategies 

30 min.

Hot Seat Coaching Sessions
You will take turns bringing your challenge to the attention of the group and do a rapid coaching session with Casey.
Agenda for Weekly
Co-working Meetings

2 min.

We will start with a short check-in to state your project and goals for the session.

40 min.

Co-Working Time
Staying on video, we will have uninterrupted work time. You can pick a new task or project or continue with the same to-do for each meeting.

2 min.

We will end with a short check-out to share the progress made during the co-working meeting.

5 min.

Goal Time
What is your goal for this week?  Be prepared to share something you will do to make a change or progress toward your goal. You will also be asked to write your weekly goal down daily in our Slack morning check-in. 

Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group is designed for you if you…

  • Have already completed our Live Well ADHD program.

  • Are a busy professional with ADHD.

  • Are in need of extra support to balance your ADHD symptoms during times of stress.

  • Would like to benefit from connecting with and working alongside other busy professionals with ADHD. 

  • Want to change your ways of thinking and ways of doing things so you can excel with ADHD.

  • Are having a hard time getting sh!t done right now.

  • Desire to establish a supportive structure for your activities and time.

  • Are experiencing difficulties making decisions, finishing tasks, or focusing on projects.

  • Have access to advance technology so that you can log in successfully to live video sessions and participate in the private online group.

  • Are open to sharing your story – struggles and successes – and listening to others without judgment.

  • Are committed to taking action and giving time and energy to the group process.

*Participation in Productivity Powerhouse Coaching Group is limited to people who have already completed our 6-week online group coaching program, Live Well ADHD. To register for Live Well ADHD, click here.

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