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The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group

An Online Group for Lawyers with ADHD

Seeking the power of a community?
Okay, let's start there. 

Have you ever wondered what practicing law would be like if your ADHD didn't get in the way...


If you were more organized, more motivated, and less distracted? Without the right kind of support, lawyers with ADHD can be stuck in a state of distraction, high stress, and being underproductive and overwhelmed.


But what if it didn't have to be so hard? What if you could find a community to help you learn how to manage your time effectively and create systems that work for you and stick with them? What if this group was designed specifically for your unique circumstances?


Welcome to The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group, an online community created specifically for lawyers with ADHD.



The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group offers two separate cohorts for lawyers with ADHD, one for new members and one for alumni members. Click the button to learn more about each group!

The Focused Lawyer New Member Cohort.png
The Focused Lawyer Alumni Cohort.png

Not ready to register yet? Download a free copy of The Focused Lawyer eBook learn more about ADHD and how to manage symptoms while succeeding as a lawyer.

By downloading your free copy of The Focused Lawyer eBook, you will receive periodic emails from us with resources for lawyers with ADHD!

The Focused Lawyer eBook
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