The Focused Professor Coaching Group

An Online Group for Professors with ADHD

Seeking the power of a community?

Okay, let's start there. 

Do you sometimes feel like you are the only professor who is struggling with ADHD? Or, even if you know there are others, do you often wish you could just talk to them, see how they are managing, learn from each other, or simply just have a good laugh in recognition of shared struggles? Getting grades turned in, submitting papers or grant proposals on time, spending uninterrupted time writing and thinking, getting work done during your workday, planning for classes, or simply showing up for class on time can all be more difficult when you have ADHD. Wouldn't it be helpful if professors with ADHD could share their experiences, worries and difficulties, solutions, "wins," and act as accountability support with each other?

The Focused Professor Coaching Group is exactly that - an online community exclusively for professors with ADHD, a supportive space to help you live well as a professor with ADHD.

In this group, you will expand your understanding of how having ADHD impacts your work, develop your skills and habits to optimize brain function, maximize talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you. The Focused Professor Coaching Group will help you learn how to manage your time and energy more effectively and create systems that work for you and stick around.

Plus, in this group setting, you will get to share with and learn from other professors with ADHD, discuss your experiences with the group, and reap the benefits of having multiple minds "in the room."

Membership in The Focused Professor Coaching Group also includes an optional membership in The Focused Hour, a private virtual co-working group designed to increase accountability and productivity. Learn more about The Focused Hour on FocusMate here.

The Focused Professor Coaching Group

Online group meetings | Ongoing community | Rolling enrollment


The Focused Professor Coaching Group is held on the
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT.

The group meets on the following dates in 2020:









January 7

January 21

February 4

February 18

March 3

March 17

April 7

April 21

May 5

May 19

June 2

June 16

July 7

July 21

August 4 

August 18

September 1

September 15

October 6

October 20

November 2

November 16

December 1

December 15

What should you expect from
The Focused Professor Coaching Group?

 Participation in twice-monthly live group sessions via video (Zoom) or phone, each 50-60 minutes in length

√ Ongoing support – no start or end date allows you to participate as long as you like

Learning about special topics relevant to being a Professor with ADHD

 Ample opportunity for problem-solving by the group

√ Development of your own goals and specific action steps

  Access to a private Slack group for Coaching Group members only

 Access to The Focused Hour, a private accountability group on FocusMate exclusively for Dixon Life Coaching clients

The Focused Professor Coaching Group will give you ongoing access to the information, support, solutions, and accountability you are looking for!

The Focused Professor Coaching Group currently at capacity and not accepting new members. If you are interested in joining this group, please sign up for our waitlist to be notified when registration opens again.

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