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Kevin Bailey

Melanie is the coach behind The Focused Professor group workshops and provides personalized one-on-one coaching.

Melanie is not currently available for consultation calls. Talk with one of our other Team Coaches to learn more about our coaching and training programs for high achievers with ADHD.

Melanie Sobocinski

Melanie Sobocinski, an ICF-certified PCC and MentorCoach CMC, specializes in ADHD, empowering graduate students and professors with ADHD to excel in academia.

Melanie's journey to becoming an ADHD coach began when she found herself in need of coaching support. As a doctoral student, Melanie hired her first coach to help her navigate the dissertation process and was transformed by the coaching experience. Being coached was also an integral part of her journey through the tenure track as well. After getting bored with the tenure track, Melanie launched a professional organizing business and pursued coaching credentials. During that time, she did her best to hold things together as her undiagnosed ADHD took an ever-bigger toll on her family.

Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

"Because I am one, and I get it! I finished my ADHD coach training while still in denial about actually having ADHD. It took having my kid diagnosed with ADHD to see all the ways in which ADHD shaped my academic journey and career choices since then. I love working with my people and supporting my tribe to bring out their brilliance and help them shift from overwhelm and overwork to confident self-management with a minimum of effort."

Interested in working with Melanie? 

Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about our coaching programs for high achievers with ADHD.

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