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Take the Self-Compassion and ADHD Challenge

Here's a question for you if you have ADHD:

Does how you talk to yourself impact your success in life?

Obviously, the answer is yes. Negative self-talk can definitely impact your motivation, drive, ambition, outlook, etc.

So follow up question:

Does this mean that high achievers with ADHD know some secret in maintaining self-compassion and positive self-talk?

No. In fact, in my experience working with high achievers with ADHD, it's the opposite.

People with ADHD who are high achievers are highly ambitious, set goals, and motivate themselves to reach levels of success in their careers, but this often leads to intense scrutiny of their progress, achievements, and behavior resulting in low self-compassion. They live with negative self-talk, self-criticism, denial, fear, doubt and so much more.

So what helps them keep moving forward and why is developing a Self-Compassion Practice so important? Tune in below to discover!


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