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How to ADHD and Work-From-Home

Whether you're in the midst of an international health crisis (like now), or if your job has always been remote, one thing is for certain... working from home with ADHD can be hard!

To help ADHD'ers deal with the common pitfalls of working from home, I wrote this helpful eBook called How to ADHD and WFH: Working From Home During a Pandemic as a Professional With ADHD.

In this eBook, I focus on the two most impactful things you can do to be successful when you're blending work life and home life:

  1. Decide most things ahead of time.

  2. Externalize the sh!t out of your decisions.

I know these probably aren't the first two tactics that popped in your mind when you wondered how you can keep your productivity up working from home... but trust me - they're two of the most important. And, I know they don't come easy to folks with ADHD so I dig deep into tactics that help you execute each approach. For example, I focus on things like:

  • Optimizing your brain with the Big 5 - Medicate, Sleep, Move, Breathe, and Eat

  • Structuring your time and space

  • Calming emotional waves

The eBook goes into a ton of detail about these tactics and offers some simple examples of how to implement them in your own life. It's written to help people with ADHD navigate the current health crisis we're in, but is applicable to anyone who struggles to stay focused and productive while working from home.

>> To download the full eBook, How to ADHD and WFH - click here. <<


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Looking for more support to help you get a handle on your ADHD? Casey offers ADHD individual coaching designed for lawyers, professors, and business professionals. She also provides online coaching groups - The Focused Lawyer is an ongoing coaching group specifically for lawyers with ADHD, The Focused Professor is an ongoing coaching group specifically for professors with ADHD, Live Well ADHD is a 6-week group coaching workshop for business professionals, and Productivity Powerhouse Work Group is a 6-week group co-working session for business professionals.


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