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My Health Cheatsheet

Do you struggle to manage your ADHD while dealing with a chronic illness?

In this free guide, learn how to organize your health information in a simple and easy-to-use format. We include a step-by-step workbook that takes you through the process of building a health notebook, teaches you how to use it, and helps you build a plan for updating it.

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Meet Emily Whelden, JD

Emily Whelden is an attorney-turned-coach who has trained extensively in ADHD coaching with Casey Dixon. As an attorney with ADHD, Emily experienced first-hand the lack of resources available in the legal field and left her practice of law to become a coach to other lawyers and high achievers with ADHD.


Before beginning her coaching career, Emily trained and worked for six years as an attorney doing legal guardianship work and --without realizing at the time--approached that role very similarly to how a Coach would. To empower clients, Emily would share new perspectives that helped them identify their goals and values, learn to evaluate their circumstances, explore potential outcomes to their choices, and learn how to be comfortable with their decisions - all things she believes are fundamental to her role as an ADHD coach.


In addition to working with lawyers who have ADHD, Emily also enjoys working with high achievers who have a new ADHD diagnosis or are struggling with other health concerns in addition to their ADHD. As a former attorney who also has multiple chronic health issues, she understands how difficult it can be to manage life while dealing with ADHD. 

Interested in group coaching for high achievers with ADHD?

We offer three different group coaching programs for high achievers with ADHD. All of our group coaching programs are designed to offer support, guidance, accountability, and connection to help you develop the systems and processes to bring your vision to life. Click the buttons below to learn more about each program.
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