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PODCAST: Neurodiversity in the Legal Field

Studies have shown that neurodiversity — especially ADHD — is quite prevalent in the legal industry (see here for details on the recent ABA study), but few know how to create a work environment for attorneys and staff with ADHD to succeed or find support when needed.

Casey Dixon of Dixon Life Coaching and Krista Larson, Director of Well-Being at Stinson LLP joined the podcast - Legal Management Talk, the official podcast of the Association of Legal Administers with host Justin Askenazy - to discuss the new partnership between Dixon Life Coaching and Stinson, LLP designed to promote well-being among attorneys and staff with ADHD, as well as what firms can do to help make life easier for employees with executive function disorders.

Click here to tune into this episode of Legal Management Talk - Embracing Neurodiversity in Legal with Casey Dixon and Krista Larson - and learn:

  • What ADHD is and how it can impact your personal and professional lives

  • How prevalent ADHD is in the legal industry and how the strengths found with ADHD can help attorneys thrive

  • Why Stinson LLP decided to partner with Dixon Life Coaching to promote the well-being among attorneys and staff with ADHD

  • How the mentality of 'not one size fits all' is essential when considering work-from-home opportunities for attorneys with ADHD to succeed

  • What firm leaders can to do support attorneys and staff with ADHD



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