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Lawyer with ADHD

Lawyer with ADHD?

Okay, let's start there. 

Lawyers with ADHD can be brilliant with clients and legal arguments, but struggle to implement systems to get the more mundane, but necessary, tasks done – like time and billing sheets, clearing out that email inbox, and organizing case files.


If you are an attorney with ADHD, you might long for the day when you can devote time to thinking deeply about a case, honing your skills, and delivering powerful results to your clients. But, often you spend too much time on interruptions, less meaningful tasks, or distractions to reach that goal.



Typical coaching topics for attorneys with ADHD


  • Understanding and managing your ADHD.

  • Identifying what is really getting in your way at work.

  • Developing target performance goals.

  • Relying on your strengths.

  • Getting organized.

  • Creating an accountability network.

  • Limiting and controlling distractions.

  • Managing your to-do list and time, and meeting deadlines.

  • Balancing work and the rest of life.


We will work together to set clear, measurable goals, develop steps you can take and strategies to rely on, and support you as you gain control over how you practice. 


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The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group is an online community created specifically for lawyers with ADHD. This group offers support, guidance, accountability, and connection to help you develop the systems and processes you need to live well as a lawyer with ADHD.

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