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Kevin Bailey

Michael is available for one-on-one coaching for individual clients and is an instructor for our Live Well Accelerator Workshop.

Talk with Michael to learn more about our coaching programs for high achievers with ADHD.

Michael Carlini

Michael Carlini is an expert in coaching medical professionals and competitive athletes with ADHD, providing them with strategies for peak performance and well-being.

Michael has a background in competitive college sports and education. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has completed multiple ADHD coach training programs. Michael works with all high achievers who struggle with ADHD in the workplace and especially enjoys working with medical and legal professionals, business leaders, athletes, and people in academia.
Before becoming an ADHD coach, Michael was a college athlete, an educator, and a lacrosse coach. As an educator and coach, Michael taught students how to navigate their ADHD symptoms and learn how to thrive in a school environment.

Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

"High achievers who have ADHD have so much potential, yet they don't always know how much they are capable of. They often struggle through life without the right support, relying on trial and error to get them through.

I’ve been in my clients’ shoes... I know what it's like to struggle with ADHD and just how transformational coaching can be. When a high achiever with ADHD connects with the right coach, their potential is unlimited. I take pride in being the one person who might believe in them even if they struggle to believe in themselves."

Interested in working with Michael? 

Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about our coaching programs for high achievers with ADHD.

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