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Kevin Bailey

Casey coaches in all capacities and is available for one-to-one coaching.

Casey is available for limited consultation calls at this time. Talk with one of our Team Coaches to learn more about our coaching and training programs for high achievers with ADHD.

Casey Dixon

Casey Dixon provides tailored coaching for high achievers looking to harness their ADHD for significant growth. She also offers speaking, training, consulting, and media appearances.

Casey is intensely focused on building top-tier training, coaching, consulting, and advising experiences for high achievers with ADHD. She created Dixon Life Coaching in response to the grievous lack of understanding and quality services for an often overlooked population… exceptionally-smart, highly-educated, wickedly-talented, overstressed, overworked, overwhelmed, successful-on-the-outside adults with ADHD.

Together with her team of coaches, Casey develops and uses robust coaching models (such as Casey’s own performance model for high achievers with ADHD), coaching programs, courses, and intensives to help high achievers with ADHD get out of perpetual overwhelm and put themselves back in charge of their own lives. With unique programs for knowledge-based professionals who think for a living and have ADHD, Casey specializes in lawyers with ADHD, professors with ADHD, and other smarty pants high achievers struggling to keep their act together. After more than 15 years coaching ADHD clients, Casey knows a lot about high-achievers who just happen to have ADHD, and her direct and pragmatic approach suits logical, fast-thinking creatives. Casey meets her clients where they are and provides an expansive, safe, judgment-free space to explore what works and what doesn't while developing the tools to rein in their ADHD.

Casey founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005, a natural progression after a 15-year career supporting students and adults with executive function challenges in schools and universities. With an international reputation for helping clients excel in authentic and innovative ways using ADHD-informed approaches, Casey is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and CCE-Global Board Certified Coach.

Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

"High achievers with ADHD have a unique experience in life – they have learned how to manage their symptoms enough to get by or even thrive, but it often comes at a huge cost to their well-being. I love helping high achievers make small changes that have a huge positive impact on their work, their relationships, and their lives so they can excel in a way that makes them feel more confident, capable, and in control of their lives."

Interested in talking with Casey?

Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about our coaching programs for high achievers with ADHD.

Spend Some Time with Casey

Have you ever wondered how you can be a high achiever and still struggle with ADHD? At Dixon Life Coaching, we focus on our work specifically on this unique group of folks... exceptionally-smart, highly-educated, wickedly-talented, overstressed, overworked, overwhelmed, successful-on-the-outside adults with ADHD. Check out this video to learn more about this mysterious paradox!

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