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CLE: Fighting Distractions in Your Practice: What’s ADHD Go to Do with It?

Many attorneys struggle to focus on their day-to-day work under bombardment from email, the Internet, smartphones, and clients who expect practitioners to be available at a moment’s notice.  This program will focus on the unique challenges faced by lawyers - both those who may have ADHD and those who simply need help organizing their practices – as well as basic strategies to overcome those challenges.  We will cover what is currently known about ADHD: prevalence, etiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.  


This program provides a practical guide to handling distractions in your practice for lawyers with ADHD or ADHD-like challenges in practice. We will explore:

    • Why is ADHD a relevant issue for lawyers

    • What ADHD is: demographics, etiology, and the executive function model.

    • Social, behavioral, and occupational issues related to being a lawyer with ADHD or ADHD-traits.

    • Diagnosis and treatment options.

    • Specific strategies for self-implementation in the workplace for limiting distractions and getting more done.


The ADHD Trifecta: Creating Motivation toward Action
In this session, we will explore the role of motivation and its impact on procrastination, time management, and organization for people with ADHD. You will learn about the ADHD Trifecta, a tool you can use to help yourself or your clients feel motivated and take action toward goals. The ADHD Trifecta provides a simple framework for developing concrete steps you and your clients can take to get started and get things done. This session is designed to benefit adults with ADHD, ADHD coaches, and other professionals.


  • Understand how ADHD gets in the way of feeling motivated and taking action.

  • Explore three main motivators for people with ADHD.

  • Use the ADHD Trifecta as a tool to generate motivation and action.

  • Learn several specific methods that real people have used to take action and implement solutions.

  • Gain resources so that you can implement the ADHD Trifecta in your own life or the lives of your clients or patients.



Create a Micro-change to Keep Your Attention


People who have ADHD are attracted to things that are new and novel. Newness catches our attention and creates motivation and focus. Sometimes this is a really helpful trait, and sometimes it can backfire. One of the problems with relying on novelty is that things that are not new seem boring and therefore nearly impossible to direct our attention toward. Creating a “micro-change” might be the solution to help your strategy, system, or solution keep your attention!


In this presentation, we will:

  • Discuss why new-ness is so important to motivation and focus for people who have ADHD,

  • Learn about what a “micro-change” is,

  • Delve into concrete ways to create micro-changes to help keep your attention in your daily life.




Your ADHD Road Trip: Destination Mindfulness

In this session, we will review results from the most recent research on mindfulness and meditation treatments for ADHD, paying particular attention to how researchers and clinicians are adapting conventional meditation and mindfulness practices for use by adults with ADHD. Together, we will practice meditation for focus, a mindful awareness practice for pausing before acting, and loving­kindness acknowledgment for self­-esteem. After we learn and try out some mindfulness practices, we will take a metaphorical "road trip", applying the AIM model of Goal Pursuit developed by the Neuroleadership Institute to help plan for, navigate, and stay on the right road while developing the mindful habit. This session is designed to benefit adults with ADHD, ADHD coaches, and other professionals.


  • Understand why mindfulness is the hot topic in ADHD treatment.

  • Learn about the MAPs research project and what the science suggests as adaptations to conventional practices for people with ADHD.

  • Experience a mindful awareness practice and medication targeted specifically for the ADHD brain.

  • Take a metaphorical Road Trip, based on the NeuroLeadership Institute's AIM model of goal pursuit to help you develop the mindfulness habit.

  • Gain resources to help you or your clients or patients create and keep a mindfulness practice designed for adults with ADHD. 


Four Steps to Mindfulness for ADHD

Everyone seems to be talking about mindfulness these days. But why is mindfulness important for people with ADHD? What is the secret for how to get started and stick with a mindfulness habit if you have ADHD? If you are looking for a simple way to create your own mindfulness habit, listen in to explore four steps to mindfulness:


  • Use As If Planning to get started

  • Develop Autopilot to try your new habit

  • Tweak your Tactics to reach your goal

  • and, Stay Motivated so you can keep practicing!


AIM-ing for Goals the ADHD Way

Pursuing goals helps us to be more purposeful, to prioritize, and to increase productivity. These benefits of goal pursuit are especially important for people with ADHD who struggle with focusing, organizing, and attending to actions based on intentions.

Discover the key elements of AIM: An Integrative Model of Goal Pursuit and its “brain-friendly” approach that is ideal for people with ADHD. The AIM model can be thought of like taking a road trip, for which you have to plan your trip, hit the road, and set the cruise control. With AIM, it’s not just about the goal destination, but, rather, the journey.


  • Discover three key elements of the AIM Model of Goal Pursuit — the most up-to-date, ADHD-brain-friendly model out there.

  • Hear stories about real ADHD coaching clients who have used AIM to reach their goals.

  • Learn how to apply the AIM Model to succeed at achieving personal and professional goals.



Recent speaking engagements include both in-person and virtual conferences. Venues range from Bar Association CLE workshops and virtual classes to international conferences on coaching and ADHD. 




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"Just a note to thank you for the excellent presentation you made at the recent Women's Palooza. I took a lot of notes on your presentation, and I'm glad I did because you gave so many wonderful, workable ideas for "making micro-changes for big results."  I have implemented a number of your suggestions into my daily routines, and they have made a noticeable difference in how productive I am. I especially appreciate your helpful suggestions because I have struggled with ADHD my entire adult life.  Your suggestions were very helpful, and I appreciate you for taking the time to help me (and I'm sure many, many other people.) Thank you very much!"  - Susan, H., teacher

"The mental health/substance abuse CLE presentation on ADHD was incredible, very informative and helpful."  - Anonymous, Lawyer


"Ms. Dixon’s ADHD CLE presentation really opened my eyes to possible personal issues." - Anonymous, Lawyer

"Casey Dixon was fabulous! Her CLE presentation was the best mental health program I have ever attended." - Anonymous, Lawyer

"Casey Dixon, an established life coach, is also an excellent speaker.  Her webinar this month on the ADHD Trifecta provided a practical concept map and numerous useful tips. Any ADHD related professional organization would do well to engage her. I thought I knew a lot about ADHD, but I learned more than a few new things from her presentation." ~ Ron Bashian, M.D.

"I could not close down my computer without thanking you for the TRULY WONDERFUL Webinar I just accessed via! You did such a great job with information, presentation and explanation. I have never seen the ADHD Trifecta but am very excited to make it a part of my ADHD Tool Box! Thank you so much for sharing of your time, knowledge and wisdom." ~ Rita Chisum ~ WisdomSeeker, South Louisiana, USA

"Casey is an amazingly gifted speaker, both in person and virtually. She engages the listener easily with a crystal clear perspective and knowledgeable presence, explaining even the most difficult of concepts in a straightforward and captivating manner. She paints an unclouded and encouraging vision with her words, and draws her audience in to the information she shares with a gentle, confident style and friendly demeanor." ~ Caryn Reedy, ADHD and Professional Coach & Deputy Chief Learning Officer

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