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Research shows that ADHD can present differently in women… symptoms can show up as a more inattentive, quieter form of ADHD, not the more outwardly, hyperactive symptoms people tend to think of. Women with ADHD also tend to internalize their feelings, confusion, and frustration which can cover up ADHD symptoms or make them less obvious.

When women have ADHD, it’s easy for their struggles and challenges to go unnoticed. This can lead them to feel unsupported, isolated, and invalidated as they try to manage their symptoms.

In this article, I’ve woven together helpful information from three compelling articles… all written by resilient young female writers who struggle with ADHD. Add your name and email to download the article What 3 Young Women Have to Teach Us About ADHD and learn more about the keys to successfully living with ADHD as a grown woman.

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