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Start where you are.

Get where you're going.

Don't let ADHD get in your way.

Are you a high achiever who happens to have ADHD?
Check out our eCourse + LIVE group Accelerator Training...

*Live Well ADHD*

This virtual training program combines LIVE Accelerator Trainings with our flagship eCourse to help high achievers like you move their ADHD out of the driver's seat and take control of their life.

When you register, you receive immediate access to start our:

6-module Live Well ADHD eCourse
weekly Accountability Drop-In Calls
160+ page Live Well ADHD Workbook (shipped to you)

AND you can join us in the 6-session LIVE Accelerator Training sessions
that starts April 5th.

It's the perfect blend of self-paced classes + live group training so you can access the content on your own time and place, and then dive deeper and get real-time answers to your questions from your coach.

At Dixon Life Coaching, we believe that high achievers with ADHD can transform their ways of thinking and doing to boost their physical, emotional, and occupational well-being — no matter how much their ADHD has gotten in their way.
Using leading-edge research combined with what we learn from our clients, we design high-impact programs that empower clients to build on their strengths, embrace new possibilities, and create lasting and sustainable change in their lives.

Improve your life with coaching.

Understand your ADHD.
Increase your focus and decrease distractions.
Become more organized.
Use time better.
Reduce stress and increase energy.
Make strong choices and decisions.
Develop and reach your goals.

How coaching works.

Focuses on you.
Keeps you motivated.
Makes things crystal clear.
Reduces bad habits and ways of thinking.
Creates good habits and ways of thinking.
Supports you until you can do it on your own.
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Casey Dixon is a respected Life Coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative, collaborative coaching for attorneys, professors, and high-achieving professionals with ADHD.


She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005 as a new beginning to her 15-year career of working with both kids and adults with ADHD in schools and universities. Since then, Casey has become recognized for helping clients excel in authentic and creative ways using ADHD-informed approaches. Casey is known for reliably facilitating direct results without judgment. 

Roxanne Turner, PMP, BCC



Focuses on ADHD in Corporate and Business Environments

Roxanne Turner, ADHD Coach _ Dixon Life Coaching.jpg

Have you ever noticed how it is easy to pay attention when things are new, shiny and novel,

but that your ability to focus wanes after some time?

Do you ever wonder why that is? 

To be frank... we focus better when life is interesting. That's just human nature!


So how can we keep the “bloom on the rose” when life gets boring? Easy... create a “micro-change!”


In my worksheet - It's Brand New: Put the Sparkle Back in Your Attention with Micro-Changes - I share tiny changes you can make that can freshen up those old, creaky tasks and make them sparkle again. You'll learn how doing small microchanges can make all the difference in your ADHD attention span and your productivity!

Sign up below to get your free copy of my worksheet:

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