The Focused Hour

A private one-on-one co-working community exclusively for Dixon Life Coaching clients

Welcome... I'm excited to share this benefit with you! I have partnered with an online program called FocusMate to create something called The Focused Hour group, which is all about GSD (getting stuff DONE!). When you are an active client with Dixon Life Coaching, you automatically get access to The Focused Hour.

What is FocusMate?
FocusMate is an online program that helps you increase your accountability and productivity. It offers live, virtual coworking sessions with another FocusMate member that will "keep you on task". The great thing about FocusMate is that YOU pick the time of the session and Focusmate will match you with a partner... then both of you show up at the time of your coworking session and each of you gets to work on your respective projects! You can use your session time for anything - grading those papers that have been piling up, writing that brief you've been putting off, even paying your bills if that's what you're struggling to get done! FocusMate does have some ground rules to help keep everybody on track, so learn more about FocusMate here!

What is The Focused Hour?
The Focused Hour is Dixon Life Coaching's own private group in FocusMate, and this is your invitation to join! By joining The Focused Hour, you will be able to partner with other Dixon Life Coaching people for the live, virtual coworking sessions! 

Wondering how it works? Well, it works the same as a regular FocusMate membership, except your partner will be somebody else who works with Dixon Life Coaching! Once you become a member of The Focused Hour, YOU pick the time of the session and Focusmate will match you with another person from The Focus Hour group!

How to Get Started

Now that you have registered for a coaching group or individual coaching, you will be automatically enrolled in The Focused Hour. Please look for an email invitation from FocusMate that will allow you to register for The Focused Hour.

If you do not receive the email invitation by the end of the week, please email my Business Manager, Christine, so she can follow up.

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