The Focused Professor Coaching Group

Welcome! We're excited that you are joining this session of The Focused Professor Coaching Group! Before completing your registration, please review our coaching agreement. Once you have reviewed the agreement, please click the Register button below to submit payment. You will receive our welcome email immediately, which includes instructions on how to join our coaching workshops, co-working meetings, private Facebook group, and more!

Focused Professor Coaching Group Agreement


As your Coach, my role is to partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process focused on inquiry and exploration. This process is designed to support you as you make changes, develop goals, make connections and insights, and take action toward where you want to be. I will augment the coaching process with a focus on your ADHD – to deepen your understanding of ADHD and help you to manage it more effectively. While I will partner with you in the coaching process, I am not responsible for the results achieved by you from coaching. This means you get to take all the credit for what you achieve.

Coaching works best when you come to each session fully prepared to be open to the coaching process and honest about your strengths and challenges. I also recommend that you keep a coaching notebook so that you can write down goals, insights, and actions to be taken.


You will receive a reminder email for each group session. 

The group will meet using Zoom video conferencing. 

If you are going to be late for a group session, please call or text me to let me know.

Please ensure that you are in a private space that will not allow for interruptions or compromise the confidential nature of the group for the duration of each session. This includes ensuring that nobody outside of the group can see and/or hear any part of any session.

In addition to the above procedures, you have the option to sign up for The Focused Hour on FocusMate. 


During each group session, we will discuss actions that you can take to move you forward toward your goals – things you agree to do in between sessions on your own, with my support. 


Group coaching fees and programs vary and are each described on the landing page prior to your registration. The fee will be paid upon registration. The group coaching fee also includes client-initiated or coach-initiated email, text, or phone messages in between sessions at no charge. 


Due to the nature of the group coaching sessions, no refunds, in whole or in part, will be provided if you miss a group coaching session.


Payment is due upon registration. Recurring payments will be taken automatically until you withdraw from the group.

I reserve the right to suspend or terminate coaching services, without liability, if you have not paid in full within two weeks of the receipt of the invoice for services. 


In group coaching, what we discuss is confidential, unless you ask me to share information about you with others, such as your therapist, physician, or other professionals; I will provide a standard information release form for you to sign. Confidentiality between group members is expected. By signing this Group Coaching Agreement, you are agreeing not to disclose to anyone outside the group any information that would identify any other group member. This includes, but is not limited to:  names, birth dates, physical descriptions, and the content of interactions with group members. Failure of a group member to abide by the Privacy provisions of this Group Coaching Agreement may result in dismissal from group coaching sessions.  

The terms of confidentiality will not apply to the coach where failure to disclose may be, in the coach’s sole discretion, in violation of any law or may involve information regarding certain crimes that have been committed or I believe may be committed; may be dangerous or possibly cause harm to the physical or emotional well-being of anyone.  You understand that the Privacy provisions of this Group Coaching Agreement shall not apply to any information that is required to be disclosed to any court or regulatory body, to any governmental agency for purposes of a complaint or investigation, or under applicable law, provided that you will be given prompt notice of any demand made by subpoena or court order to disclose information about you in order to give you a reasonable amount of time to seek a protective order.  This provision will continue beyond the termination of the coaching relationship.   



In order to maintain and advance my professional certification, the International Coach Federation (ICF) requires that I log and submit all of my professional coaching hours with the name and email address of each client. 

The ICF will hold all of your information confidentially. They promise: "The information on your client coaching log will be seen only by ICF staff. Client information is never shared or sold to another party or used for any other purpose than review of your application. Clients listed on your client coaching log may be contacted by the ICF to verify the information in your log. If they are contacted, clients will not be asked about coaching topics." 

My client log is only used for the purposes of certification. If you do not want your information shared with the ICF, please let me know and I will happily honor your request.

I keep a file of notes I take during coaching sessions for each client. I will retain these files for a year from the date of our last appointment. Then, the files will be shredded. 


By becoming a client of Dixon Life Coaching, you will automatically be signed up to receive my email newsletter. The newsletter will include links to articles on ADHD, notice of upcoming events, or other information that I think is interesting or vital to living well with ADHD. Of course, you may unsubscribe at any time. 


By clicking the Register button and submitting payment, you are declaring you have read and agree to everything described in this Agreement.  I am looking forward to developing our coaching relationship!

The Focused Professor Coaching Group registration fee is $995 for the 3-month session. We have two ways to join our group:

Payment of $331.66/mo at registration and 2 Monthly Payments of $331.67 (total payment = $995)

1 Full Payment of $945.25 (includes 5% discount off registration fee)