The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group

An Online Group for Lawyers with ADHD

Seeking the power of a community?

Okay, let's start there. 

Have you ever wondered what practicing law would be like if your ADHD didn't get in the way... if you were more organized, more motivated, and less distracted? Without the right kind of support, lawyers with ADHD can be stuck in a state of distraction, high stress, and being underproductive and overwhelmed.


But what if it didn't have to be so hard? What if you could find a community to help you learn how to manage your time effectively and create systems that work for you and stick with them? What if this group was designed specifically for your unique circumstances?


Welcome to The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group, an online community created specifically for lawyers with ADHD.


The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group offers support, guidance, accountability, and connection to help you develop the systems and processes to bring your vision to life.


In this group, you will expand your understanding of how having ADHD impacts your practice of law, develop skills and habits to optimize brain function, maximize talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.


Plus, in this group setting, you will get to share with and learn from other lawyers with ADHD, discuss your experiences with the group, and reap the benefits of having multiple minds "in the room."

The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group

Online group meetings | Ongoing community | Rolling enrollment

The online group sessions are held on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month.

What should you expect from The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group?

 Participation in twice-monthly live group sessions via video (Zoom) or phone, each 50-60 minutes in length

√ Ongoing support – no start or end date allows you to participate as long as you like

Learning about special topics relevant to being a Lawyer with ADHD

 Ample opportunity for problem-solving by the group

√ Development of your own goals and specific action steps

 Weekly accountability emails

  Access to the private group for Coaching Group members only

 Access to recordings of group sessions

√ Supplementary interviews and articles from guest experts.


The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group gives you ongoing access to the information, support, solutions, and accountability you are looking for!



Each session follows a structured 5-item agenda that includes group discussion, individual accountability, ADHD-related learning, and planning/strategizing.

Item 1

Checking In

Item 2

Establishing your Focus

Item 3

Educational Topic of Guest Expert

Item 4

Open Facilitation Questions | Coaching

Item 5

Wrap Up with Take-Aways

The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group is the right community for you if you want to…


  • Gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and how it impacts you.

  • Augment existing ADHD treatments, like medication, therapy, or individual coaching.

  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of other lawyers with ADHD.

  • Focus on your strengths and interests.

  • Optimize your brain functioning with self-supportive habits.

  • Reduce your cognitive load and unleash your brainpower at work.

  • Avoid distractions, interruptions, and working on the wrong things.

  • Create routines and systems to help you feel better and get more done.

  • Believe you can be a lawyer who has ADHD and have a healthy, fulfilling life.

How To Register

Registering for The Focused Lawyer Coaching Group is simple. Just click the button below, watch the short onboarding video, then submit payment. Once your payment is received, you will receive an email from us confirming your registration and your welcome e-packet with all the information you need to join us!


Select from recurring monthly or quarterly payments.


Monthly $210 | Quarterly $585 ($195/mo)


Add something here - - what to do if you have more questions, think you are not ready, want more information specifically about the group - -= be on a list specifically for this group, etc. - can schedule time with Casey to touch base. Also add place to sign up for mailing list.

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