Improve your life with coaching.

Understand your ADHD.
Increase your focus and decrease distractions.
Become more organized.
Use time better.
Reduce stress and increase energy.
Make strong choices and decisions.
Develop and reach your goals.

How coaching works.

Focuses on you.
Keeps you motivated.
Makes things crystal clear.
Reduces bad habits and ways of thinking.
Creates good habits and ways of thinking.
Supports you until you can do it on your own.

Start where you are.

Get where you're going.

Don't let ADHD get in your way.

Casey Dixon



Group Coaching for Adults with ADHD
new workshop begins March 7

Live Well ADHD is a group coaching workshop for adults with ADHD offers support, guidance, accountability, and connection to help you develop the systems and processes to bring your vision to life. Join me in this 6 week online group coaching workshop.​

Casey Dixon is a respected ADHD Coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative strategies for attorneys, professors, and successful, demand-ridden professionals with ADHD.


She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005 as a new beginning to her 15-year career of working with both kids and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD in schools and universities. Since then, Casey has become recognized as an ICF Professional Certified Coach, a Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and Board Certified Coach with a national reputation for helping clients excel in authentic and creative ways using ADHD-informed approaches. Casey is known for reliably delivering direct results without judgment. 


As an ADHD Coach, Casey has also been able to develop her expertise as a solo entrepreneur, author, interviewee, expert witness, CLE presenter, and speaker. 


Casey most recently founded MindfullyADD, a website dedicated to the delivery of high-value content to help adults with ADHD develop and maintain a mindfulness approach to relieving ADHD symptoms.


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