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Kevin Bailey

Roxanne serves as the lead instructor for our Live Well ADHD Accelerator Workshop.

Roxanne Turner

Roxanne Turner specializes in executive function coaching for business professionals and leaders, assisting them in enhancing their mindset, motivation, and productivity.

Roxanne has over 20 years of experience in teaching, training, and facilitating personal development. She is a Board Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping clients with the process of getting things done (Executive Function).

Roxanne has extensive training in ADHD coaching and understands that ADHD is the discrepancy between ability and performance. Roxanne understands that each client is different and works to identify their unique strengths and learning styles to help them realize their full potential. She partners with clients to develop specific systems to meet their needs, giving them the tools and resources to bridge the gap between talent and execution. Before pursuing her passion for helping people achieve success in their own lives, Roxanne spent 11 years in IT sales as an Account Executive and Director of Business Development, where she gained real-world corporate experience.

Prior to that, Roxanne was an entrepreneur in the equestrian world, where she coached and trained students of all ages in horsemanship and riding levels while training horses, competing in several disciplines, and managing several farms. Her life and work experience give Roxanne an innovative approach to her coaching and help her understand how to work with clients' strengths to push past obstacles and realize their full potential. As a coach, Roxanne uses the skills she built as an elite athlete to help high achievers with ADHD develop the tools and skills to harness their ADHD and step into their full potential.

Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

"I love working with high achievers with ADHD, especially people in roles like Project Manager, Business Owner/Entrepreneur, and Consultants. It's my passion to help them embrace their unique perspectives and leverage their strengths so they can develop specific systems to increase their productivity. In my approach, I work to become your trusted advisor and sounding board. I also bring my corporate background in IT sales and program management to my coaching work, which enhances the coaching process."

Questions about the Live Well ADHD Accelerator Workshop?

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