Tired of feeling like ADHD is in control? Okay, let's start there. 

One-to-One Coaching for High Achievers with ADHD
Work with your Coach to stop struggling and start thriving.

You're a high achiever who just happens to have ADHD. You know how to work hard to get by. You may even know how to use your raw talent to overpower your ADHD — but at what cost? When you don't have the right tools and skills in your pocket, you put yourself on the fast track to overwhelm and burnout.

Do any of these describe you?

You're successful in your field, but you can't seem to get it all done without burning yourself out...

You work all the time and have still too many tasks on your to-do list...

You sacrifice sleeping, eating, exercising, and spending time with your family to your work...

You have creative professional goals, but you struggle to achieve them because you're always behind in your work...

If you relate to any of these scenarios, don't be surprised. High achievers with ADHD are often brilliant professionals who struggle with Executive Functioning skills like paying attention, following through, organization, decision-making, and time management. In fact, it's often the mundane (but necessary) tasks — like submitting timesheets, responding to emails, and documentation — that can sabotage your success.

Here's what I want you to know — struggling with ADHD is not your fault. ADHD means your brain is hard-wired to function a certain way. But, just because it's not your fault doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.


Working one-on-one with a Dixon Life Coaching Coach of your choosing can help you build the right tools and skills to manage your ADHD and thrive at work and at home!

One-to-One Coaching for High Achievers with ADHD

Research-Based Tools | Customized Solutions | Flexible Process

Our one-to-one coaching for high achievers with ADHD offers you three distinct methods of learning and accountability in one robust 6-month coaching program:

Individual & Laser Coaching Sessions

One-to-one coaching sessions with your Team Coach to dive into the nitty-gritty of your ADHD. This is where you'll identify the main ADHD-related issues that you struggle with, learn new tools to manage your ADHD, and co-create your customized solutions to help you live your own individual best life as a high achiever with ADHD.

Customized Accountability Strategies

Partner with your Team Coach to design your own accountability strategies for added support in-between sessions. Examples of accountability strategies are reminder or checking-in texts or regular emails with your Coach.

Live Well ADHD eCourse

When you participate in our one-to-one coaching program, you'll also get lifetime access to our Live Well ADHD eCourse included in your registration for no extra cost (a $597 value). This self-guided eCourse is designed to teach you the foundational skills to successfully navigate life with ADHD and can serve as the foundation of your work with your Team Coach.



Register for our one-to-one coaching program and you'll get access to all 3 parts — Coaching Sessions, Customized Accountability Strategies, and Live Well ADHD eCourse — for the entire duration of the 6-month program. The program includes:

  • three 60-minute coaching sessions per month, based on your schedule and availability

  • one 15-minute laser coaching session per month

  • recorded Zoom calls downloaded to your own HIPAA-compliant Box folder

  • notes from each full-length coaching session

  • lifetime access to Live Well ADHD eCourse, plus 8 weeks of Accountability Drop-In Calls

  • access to The Focused Hour, a private accountability group on FocusMate exclusively for Dixon Life Coaching clients

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Registration for our one-to-one coaching program is currently open and the process to get started is easy. Just click the button below to submit your inquiry form and we'll help you schedule a complimentary 25-minute inquiry call with your preferred Coach!


When you register for our 6-month one-to-one coaching​ program, you can get started right away with the Team Coach of your choosing. Each Team Coach specializes in navigating ADHD in a different professional environment and is trained in our unique 4-Step Performance Model for high achievers with ADHD.



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ADHD in Academia
& Higher Education


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ADHD in Corporate & Business Environments


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ADHD in the
Legal Field

Why should you sign up for our one-to-one coaching program?

Whether you're just starting your journey toward better ADHD management or you're a long-time client of ours, our one-to-one coaching program can help. This program is for you if you want to: 

 Identify the root causes of your ADHD challenges

 Design customized solutions that fit your own unique circumstances and the way your brain works naturally

√ Work with a Coach who will meet you right where you currently are in your learning process and help you develop the know-how to get where you want to go

  Learn a unique research-based model specially developed for high achievers with ADHD by Dixon Life Coaching founder, Casey Dixon

 Receive individualized and flexible one-on-one support for an extended period of time (a perfect option for people who don't feel comfortable in one of our group coaching programs right now)

Learn about special topics relevant to being a high achiever with ADHD

 Augment the learning and development you're doing in one of our group coaching programs

√ Receive ongoing accountability and support as work toward your own specific goals

  Join in The Focused Hour, a private accountability group on FocusMate exclusively for Dixon Life Coaching clients

What if work (and life) didn't have to be so hard?

In our 6-month one-to-one coaching, you'll partner with one of our Team Coaches to identify your own unique ADHD-related challenges, learn the right skills and tools based on Dixon Life Coaching's 4-Step Performance Model for high achievers with ADHD, and co-create customized, targeted solutions that fit with your situation and the way your brain works naturally.

Being a high achiever with ADHD, you've probably read tons of books, listened to a bunch of podcasts, and maybe even worked with a coach before. So what will you learn from our one-to-one coaching that you haven't already heard?

Our coaching isn't a cookie-cutter, off-the-rack approach. Our coaching uses research-based approaches developed by DLC Founder, Casey Dixon, to help you design personal and customized solutions that address your own personal struggles with ADHD that are based off of our unique 4-Step Performance Model for high achievers with ADHD.


Our Team Coaches know that solutions aren't the only solution to your problems. All of our Team Coaches are trained to dive into your unique and complex circumstances to identify the root causes and figure out what's really going on before offering solutions that may or may not work for you. We also appreciate that learning a skill and using a skill aren't the same thing, and will help you develop ways to follow and implement the solutions you create during your coaching experience.


When you register for our one-to-one Coaching, you can start immediately to receive ongoing support, customized solutions, and personalized accountability to help you overpower your ADHD and regain control of your life!

To schedule a complimentary 25 minute consultation with one of our Team Coaches, click the button below and fill out our inquiry form.