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Kevin Bailey, CTACC

Kevin Bailey is a talented ADHD coach with a background in business and corporate consulting. He is a Certified Training Alliance Coach and an active member of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), and has spent the past 10 years vigorously studying the scientific literature of ADHD and its impact on adults throughout their lifetime. 


Kevin comes to Dixon Life Coaching with significant experience working in the private sector. Prior to becoming an ADHD coach, Kevin spent 8 years working as a Talent Development Consultant. During this work, he specialized in leadership development, change management, design thinking, and diversity equity & inclusion. Most recently, Kevin was a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist where he designed and facilitated programs to promote understanding and inclusivity among neurodivergent employees. In addition to ADHD coach, Kevin is also a program designer, content creator, and facilitator of life design sessions.

Kevin is currently accepting new coaching clients for our 6-month One-to-One Coaching program.

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Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

We are some the most inspiring, hard-working, and courageous people on the planet. We are naturally curious, creative, and tend to have a great deal of charisma. Although we may appear to be doing alright externally, our inner world is often plagued with feelings of being overwhelmed, striving for perfection, and a deep sense of inadequacy. As an ADHD coach, I find great satisfaction in helping my clients navigate their challenges, leverage their unique strengths, and create systems to lead a more fulfilling life.

Kevin's Coaching Style

As a coach and neurodivergent individual, I understand the difficulty of managing a hyperactive mind. I am passionate about using a strength-based and human-centered approach to help you tackle your most pressing challenges. My aim is to help you learn to work with your brain (not against it!) to foster self-acceptance, take action, and develop a growth mindset.

In his coaching work, Kevin helps clients to:

  • Embrace how their unique mind works

  • Build tools to access and employ their strengths

  • Understand where and why they get "stuck"

  • Identify and remove internal barriers that get in their way

  • Create and use action plans to move toward success

Certifications & Training

  • Awarded Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance 2022

  • Designing and Facilitating for the Learner's Brain Adult Learning Association of Talent Development 2021

  • Quarterly Training in Leadership Development, Instructional Design, and Organiztional Change Management via Deloitte University 2019-2020

  • Completed Adult Learning Theory Program from Adult Learning Association of Talent Development 2018

Education & Work Experience

  • Received a BS in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with a Minor in Psychology

  • Is a certified pilot

  • Has extensive experience in Learning & Organizational Development

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist

Education & Experience

Interested in working with Kevin?
Contact us for more information. 

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