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Evan Monez, JD, LLM

Evan Monez is an attorney-turned-coach who has trained extensively with the ADD Academy (ADDCA) and is skilled in Dixon Life Coaching's unique approach to coaching high achievers with ADHD. She specializes in working with lawyers who have ADHD and other Executive Functioning challenges.

Prior to becoming an ADHD coach, Evan practiced as an attorney and focused primarily on trusts, estates, and tax planning for high net-worth individuals. While struggling as an Associate Attorney with a prominent Seattle law firm, Evan received her own ADHD diagnosis and discovered all of the ways that her go-to coping mechanisms were not working in her new professional environment. 

After receiving her own life-changing ADHD coaching, Evan shifted her professional role from lawyer to coach. As both a coach and an attorney with ADHD, Evan understands the ongoing stigma of ADHD in the legal world and offers a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental space for lawyers with ADHD to turn for support. In her coaching, Evan helps high achievers with ADHD maximize their unique talents while building the right tools and systems to successfully manage their ADHD at work and in life. 

Evan is currently accepting new coaching clients for our 6-month One-to-One Coaching program.

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Why do you like working with high achievers who have ADHD?

I like working with high achievers who have ADHD because I am one myself. I know first-hand what it's like to rely on flawed coping skills to try to manage ADHD and how transformative it can be to finally find the right support.


High achievers with ADHD need a specific type of help  — you already know how to achieve success. I want to help you minimize your ADHD-related struggles so you can optimize your gifts and maintain (or even advance!) your success in life.

Evan's Coaching Style

I believe that acceptance and a non-judgmental space is one of the most important things a coach can offer a client. I help attorneys and other high achievers with ADHD work through overwhelm & analysis paralysis, identify priorities, and find strategies that are effective for their unique brains without having to hold back out of fear they will be misunderstood, judged, or otherwise hurt their career by being honest about how much they are struggling.

In her coaching work, Evan helps clients to:

  • Shift from a mindset of self-criticism to one of acceptance and self-compassion

  • Dismantle internalized ideas of who and how they "should" be to connect with their true and authentic selves

  • Identify their own genuine values, goals, interests, and motivations

  • Develop positive strategies to embrace their ADHD-related strengths while building tools to manage ADHD-related challenges

  • Find ways to attain greater wellness and balance in life to reduce the risk of overwhelm and burn-out

Education & Work Experience

  • Graduated from University of Virginia with BA in English Literature

  • Graduated from University of Texas School of Law with JD

  • Graduated from University of Washington School of Law with LLM in Taxation

  • Previously worked as an Attorney in Seattle, practicing in areas of estate planning, tax planning, and probate, and as a Wealth Planner for high-net-worth clients

  • Has a particular interest in working with high achievers who were recently diagnosed with ADHD or those who are seeking support for the first time

Education & Experience

Interested in working with Evan?
Contact us for more information. 

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