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Helpful Resources for Professionals with ADHD

Casey has recently been a guest on Overcoming Distractions, a podcast created for working professionals with ADHD. She will also be a guest speaker at two virtual events: ADDA's TADD Talk 2020 program and the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD. All of Casey's interviews and talks focus on productivity, motivation, and the challenges that professionals with ADHD face in the workplace. Click the buttons below to listen to Casey on Overcoming Distractions or to sign up to listen to Casey speak at one of these virtual events.

Improve your life with coaching.

Understand your ADHD.
Increase your focus and decrease distractions.
Become more organized.
Use time better.
Reduce stress and increase energy.
Make strong choices and decisions.
Develop and reach your goals.

How coaching works.

Focuses on you.
Keeps you motivated.
Makes things crystal clear.
Reduces bad habits and ways of thinking.
Creates good habits and ways of thinking.
Supports you until you can do it on your own.

Casey Dixon





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Casey Dixon is a respected Life Coach with a unique focus on science-based, innovative, collaborative coaching for attorneys, professors, and high-achieving professionals with ADHD.


She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005 as a new beginning to her 15-year career of working with both kids and adults with ADHD in schools and universities. Since then, Casey has become recognized for helping clients excel in authentic and creative ways using ADHD-informed approaches. Casey is known for reliably facilitating direct results without judgment. 


Learn more about Casey...

Whether you're in the midst of an international health crisis (like now), or if your job has always been remote, one thing is for certain... working from home with ADHD can be hard.


To help ADHD'ers deal with the common pitfalls of working from home (that are likely exacerbated during this crisis), I wrote this helpful eBook called How to ADHD and WFH: Working From Home During a Pandemic as a Professional With ADHD.

How to ADHD and WFH teaches you how to do the two most important things when you're in an environment full of distractions - decide things ahead of time and externalize the sh!t out of your decision.


I know these two things don't come easy to folks with ADHD so this eBook is also full of strategies to help you decide ahead of time and externalize decisions - tips like optimizing your brain, structuring your time and space, and calming your emotions when they pop up (which they will). ​​​

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